The Five Pillars
Becoming an FP-Master


How would you like to Master the Art of Living? How would you like to wake up excited each morning for what you will learn and what you can accomplish? If a compiled list was made of most of the suggestions from Gurus, Life Coaches, Zen Masters, Preachers or other Religious Leaders, you will find it directly or indirectly related to the Five Pillars. A desire for self-actualization, quests for knowledge, or a desire to discover a purpose for your life drives millions each day. Living the Five Pillars provides an answer to these inner journeys each of us takes at least once in our life. What makes the Five Pillars unique is that it summarizes many teachings from a variety of different teachers, and combines them into five succinct, easy to follow ideas that can motivate you and bring a sense of accomplishment as you pass your days on this rock we call home. As the creator of this site, these ideas aren't something I simply share to those whom ask; I follow them daily myself and I hope it brings purpose to your own life as it has to mine.


Brief History

The Five Pillars is a summary of ideas for purposeful living that was created to provide a gently navigated option on how to live a life that has meaning to you. The Pillars that form the heart of this intellectual/spiritual path are topics that you have undoubtedly come across before, but they are organized in such a way to provide a loose structure and balance as you implement and modify them for your own path. Each Pillar is simple in principle and practice and you can work on them at your own pace, at your own discretion, and at whatever time you choose to devote to it. The Five Pillars was created with simplicity in mind and you will quickly see the byproducts of motivation, vigor, excitement, contentment and acceptance as you work through the Pillars. In addition to those benefits it is possible to also see an increase in physical strength, becoming mentally sharper and an expansion in your compassion for others as you dedicate yourself to each Pillar.


A Word on Training

While following the Path is its own reward, it can be motivating to have mile-markers or achievements along the way. This will be explained in more detail on the Path page but suffice it to say, you can choose to be recognized on the Library page of this site when you hit those mile-markers. This is completely optional and the hope is that as you grow personally while following the Five Pillars, you will find greater satisfaction in what you are learning and becoming than an honor awarded to you from a website. However, we humans like our accomplishments and since there are leaders, followers, gurus, masters, priests, and shamans the world over, why not follow the path here to become a Five Pillars Master in the Art of Living?

If you are ready to get started, review the Five Pillars. Then, begin the Path of the Five Pillars.


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