Knights of Humanism
Humanists that follow the Five Pillars
Jedi Initiate Jedi Apprentice Jedi Knight Jedi Master Jedi Grand Master

There is often concern and pressure, usually well-reasoned thoughts, about disbanding titles among the Jedi sites. We are a world full of titles and hierarchical structures and the Jedi Philosophy and Path should be above such nonsense, or so the arguments tend to go. Credentialism is a plague in the white collar world of corporate America (and possibly in other countries). Once again, we take our inspiration from the Star Wars mythos and acknowledge the arguments against titles from well-reasoned individuals, Jedi or otherwise.

The fact is that titles or positions can inspire and uplift. The traditional ranks among the Jedi of mythology are humbly adopted at The Jedi Life as we seek to become more than what we currently are through striving to live The Five Pillars.

Five Ranks symbolizing the Five Pillars of The Jedi Life:

Jedi Initiate

A Jedi that lives and follows The Five Pillars.

Jedi Apprentice

A Jedi that has lived the Five Pillars for 6 months as a Jedi Initiate.

Jedi Knight

A Jedi that has lived The Five Pillars for 2 years as a Jedi Apprentice and has completed 5 Apprenticeships. An Apprenticeship consists of studying all the works of a noted or distinguished figure from modern times or from history. Who fits the definition of noted or distinguished is left up to the Jedi Apprentice.

Jedi Master

A Jedi that has lived The Five Pillars for 3 years as a Jedi Knight.

Jedi Grand Master

A Jedi that has lived The Five Pillars for 5 years as a Jedi Master, culminating in a total of 10 years of dedication to The Jedi Life!

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