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Example journal entry

Example of a weekly journal entry

(This example also includes different methods of completion for each Pillar.)

Name: Larry Daniels

Location: Denver, CO

Date: Dec 13th, 2020

Level: Student on the Five Pillars Path

Pillar One: Physical Health

Sun, Dec 6th: Went on a walk around the park near my neighborhood.
Mon, Dec 7th: Played catch with my son in the street.
Tue, Dec 8th: Got my walking exercise in by the many stores I had to get groceries from.
Wed, Dec 9th: Did some pushups and situps today.
Thu, Dec 10th: Played at the park with my children.
Fri, Dec 11th: Walked around the neighborhood again.
Sat, Dec 12th: Went on a light hike at some hills outside the city.

Pillar Two: Mental Growth

Each day of the past week I have been reading a book about the struggles of the middle class in the 2010s after the housing crisis in America. This comprised all my Pillar 2 studies of the last 7 days.

Pillar Three: Emotional Strength

On Sunday and Monday of this past week I was able to meditate in lotus pose for 12 mins each day. The next 3 days I listened to soft music while lying in bed and watching my breathing. For the final two days I counted my breaths while walking.

Pillar Four: A Compassionate Heart

This whole past week I have been engaged in a job that I do not enjoy but my family is counting on me and my financial support. This is a big sacrifice for me as I would rather start a new career but I have a great responsibility to these people that count on me and so I kept in mind this week why I am working and who I am doing this for.

Pillar Five: Writing Your Story

This week was eye opening as I have been reading about the previous housing crisis and how it has been affecting so many areas of the middle class and how banks work with income and debt for individuals. But on a lighter note, I was pleased with the challenge of trying to count my breaths while trying to maintain focused attention even in a busy grocery store environment. [You can keep going on with whatever you would like to say related or unrelated to the Five Pillars. This is a mental exercise and relief to put your thoughts to a medium that can be remembered and archived for a long time.]

The above example gives you a good idea on the format of a weekly journal entry and should get the creative mind engaged on what you want to share on your new path. You can modify the format if you would like, too. Please email if you have any questions.


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