The Five Pillars
A Balanced Life

Physical Health Mental Growth Emotional Strength Compassionate Heart Track Your Progress

Pillar 1 -- Physical Health

Improving your heart, strengthening your immune system, boosting positive energy and mood, increasing strength and controlling your weight. Those are just some of the benefits of good physical health. Coupling those benefits with proper nutrition (that is best for YOUR body) and the hope of a physically successful life are yours to enjoy now and for years to come. Having these benefits are almost immediate once you begin exercising and choosing to eat a little healthier. Do not delay that brisk walk tomorrow morning; do not skip the serving of vegetables that take only a few extra minutes to prepare; do not skip your physical routine or stretching after work, school, or a stressful day. Delaying benefits no one; start immediately. Take the stairs instead of the elevator; take the long walk to the entrance. Finding balance in your life has a strong correlation to your physical health. Do not be afraid to start and do not delay to start. Enjoy the body and mind you were meant to have by prioritizing your fitness and nutrition today.

He who lives without discipline dies without honor - Icelandic Proverb.


Pillar 2 -- Mental Growth

Studying subjects and learning new ideas increases our intelligence and the collective knowledge of the world as a whole. When learning challenges our thinking and forces us to examine our prejudices, our minds grow in knowledge and intelligence to a greater extent. The ability to gain intelligence and change our lives based on our learning is one of the amazing attributes human beings have. Whether we follow a book of recipes that teach us how to prepare healthy food, take courses that introduce us to the nuances of history, read fiction that helps us appreciate the language of life and the experiences that mirror the lives of others, or watching intellectually stimulating television that raises our awareness and knowledge of the world around us, if we are not learning something new each day, we are wasting a powerful gift.

Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder - Rumi.


Pillar 3 -- Emotional Strength

An ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years, and in some circles, is believed to have contributed to our biological evolution: meditation. It is a powerful practice. It is a calming practice. It is your own, unique practice. And it will always be available to you. Whether in a building, a park, wandering a store, or in the dark, the peace that comes to you following meditation can be yours at no cost or fee. Meditation should be an integral part of your life moving forward. Do not be discouraged if this practice is a struggle in the beginning; have confidence in yourself, continue moving forward and the acceptance of what is will be unlocked within. Since the Five Pillars is a path with no barriers to believers in God or Goddesses and everything in between, prayer is a meditation in its own right and fulfills this Pillar as much as any traditional meditative practice.

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment - Lao Tzu.


Pillar 4 -- A Compassionate Heart

Kindness, patience, calmness, peacefulness: these are virtues deserving of your attention and always there to challenge your growth within. To neglect this Pillar is sometimes the largest crack in the peace that individuals search for. A kind word to a stranger, reassuring compassion to a friend in need, a hug to a family member that is experiencing struggles are all examples of simple things we can do to increase our compassion for others. It can even be as simple as saying genuine thanks for those that serve you or do something to make you feel important. All of these acts increase your balance and focus to maintain peace in your life.

I have wept in the night for the shortness of sight. To somebody's needs, I was blind. But I haven't as yet felt a tinge of regret for being a little too kind. - Anonymous.


Pillar 5 -- Track Your Progress

Improving mental health, revisiting past events that bring a smile, improving creativity, and releasing stress are all benefits of keeping a journal. When you begin a new challenge like following the Five Pillars, tracking the transformation your mind and body make is a great record to keep. Your words through time have a powerful effect when you look back at them or use them to improve in functions that affect you now. Preparing a journal entry and recording the life you are living while following the Five Pillars will keep your focus sharp. Enjoy the release to your mind as your thoughts are transferred to 'paper'.

The ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr - Islamic saying.


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